Week 15- Conclusion

Overall I am very happy with the progress I have made during this module. Not only have I been able to learn new skills and qualities, but also improve upon those I already had. During this process I was able to improve my planning capabilities. I feel that I demonstrated this particularly in my second … More Week 15- Conclusion

Week 13- Editing

Following classes finishing in week 12, I continued to work on my film over the Christmas break. During the first week I began to edit my film. The process of editing was rather straightforward, however I did incur a number of problems. One such problem was colour correction. Due to the lighting and location chosen, … More Week 13- Editing

Week 12- Filming

During Week 12 I carried out the filming for my film. Due to tight scheduling, I decided to complete filming all in one day. This made the process much easier, as everyone was able to agree on one full set day and additionally it minimized the chance of continuity errors, which I have found quite … More Week 12- Filming