Week 1- Introduction to William Allingham

During our first class, we were made aware of the brief for this module. We discovered we would have 2 main projects, which consisted of both 2 smaller projects.

The first project which 1I was set was to create a moving image/animation based on one of William Allingham’s poems, which would then be submitted for a competition at a festival held in early November.

My first task was familiarizing myself with William Allingham and his work.  I read a number of Williams’s poems on the site ‘Poem Hunter.’ Reading these poems I found a recurring theme of sadness, and gloom. Many of the poems were about loss and dark times however two poems which stuck out to me were, ‘An Autumanal Sonnet’ and ‘The Writer.’

‘An Autumnal Sonnet’ was a poem about the transition between the seasons of summer to autumn and the reminiscing that is involved, as well as the beautiful scenery which is involved. ‘The Writer’ on the other hand was about a man interested in writing. However, as his life became more chaotic, the less time the man had for his literature.

After reading these poems further and analysing them myself, I finally settled on the ‘Autumnal Sonnet’ Poem. My reasoning behind this, is that I feel it will be a much more practical choice for me as I live in a rural area, surrounded by the beautiful countryside, which I would like to appear onscreen.

As well as this, I decided on making my project a moving image, rather than an animation. My reason for this was simple, I had never done any animation work previously. However, in my piece I planned to expand my knowledge and hope to practice my typography skills, and incorporate this into my piece.


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