Week 2- Developing my Idea

During week 2, I was absent from class due to illness, however I was able to develop my idea from home. At the end of week 1 I was informed that I would have to pitch my idea in the form of a presentation to the class on week three, therefore I began working on this.


My final presentation can be found here.

Autumnal Sonnet: Presentation

When completing this presentation, I got to further consider my idea and planning began, as I created both storyboards and mood board which created a visual guide for my moving image. I was inspired for these by looking at other pieces of work available online, materials I looked at included autumn photography, films and as well as this, previous entries to the Allingham Festival.

3 4

As previously mentioned, I want to use typography in my piece, therefore I wanted to research possible fonts and styles which I can use.  I found ‘Pinterest’ to be particularly helpful doing this, and by creating a typography board I was able to collate all my findings into one source.


I made a number of boards which proved to be a great help when making my film. These boards can be found at the following links:




From Pinterest I found so many helpful tutorials, for example some based on colour correction in Premier, which I felt may come in useful later in the process.


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