Week 3- Presentations and Pre Production

During Week 3 I had to give my presentation to the class. I feel this went particularly well and I feel I covered all the necessary areas within my PowerPoint.  As well as this, I was able to gain ideas and inspiration from listening to the presentations of others.

I also began to make the finishing touches to my pre-production work. This included a shot list, which can be found below.

An Autumnal Sonnet: Shotlist

I established that I would film my moving image using a DSLR. The camera I have chosen is a Nikon D3100 as this is my own camera and will be readily available to me. I have also chosen to use a tripod as this will allow me to have more stable shots, which will then be easier to edit.

As well as this I pinpointed a number of locations in which I would be able to film. Although I have plenty of trees in my garden and a river along-side my house, I realised that in order to have enough content I was going to have to travel to a number of other locations, such as a local mountain.

Within my piece, I will also require the presence of actors. Therefore I sought about looking someone to fulfil this role. In order to make efficient use of my time, I got the availability of the people chosen and planned my shooting schedule around them. It was important that this schedule was completed so all filming took place and was done in good time, leaving a sufficient time-scale for post-production work.

An Autumnal Sonnet: Shooting Schedule


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