Week 5- Post Production Work

I began putting the project together and carry out a small proportion of editing. I did this using Adobe Premier Pro CC. This is a software I have worked with a lot and therefore I feel comfortable using it.

Additionally I began searching for a musical track to use in my moving image. I had a fair idea in terms of the style of track I wanted to use. In order to have the biggest impact I found using an instrumental would be best. I did not want to include any vocals but instead focus on an atmospheric sound. I found a suitable track on BenSound which was licensed under creative commons, and could be used freely so long as credited in the work. (http://www.bensound.com/)

One problem which I found when editing was that it was difficult to make the text stand out. Because I had no real experience with typography, I learning by using trial and error. I wanted to create natural yet legible text, however many of the combinations I tried either appeared too fake or else was not easily read. Methods I used to overcome this included changing colours, editing opacity, adding shadows, using outer strokes etc. For some pieces of text I did not have this issue, and I feel that the text blended in well with the film such as this shown below (left). I feel that the difference in colour, as well as the shadow helps this text to stand out, along with the plain background.


However for examples such as the one above right, it took more time than anticipated getting the text correct. I feel that this is because the background of this clip is much busier, with more going on. However this was one of my favourite shots within the film, therefore I did not want to cut it out for something simpler.

Finally, I managed to create text which both suited the genre and appeared more natural than before. Although still not ideal, it was much better than my original attempt, as the text was shortened and the shadows much more blended.


As well as this, I carried out a vast amount of colour correction within my piece. One such example can be seen in the images below. The image on the left, is cold and does not symbolise autumn. I wanted much more use of orange tones, therefore I added these using the three way colour correct effect offered by Premier Pro CC.

10 11

During this week I also sent a rough draft of my work to my lecturer and some of my classmates. I did this in order to get some constructive criticism, which I hoped would help improve the quality of my end piece. I found this very beneficial as sometimes it is easier for someone else to point out improvements which have been overlooked.


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