Week 4- Production Work

During this week I began to work on gathering footage.  Unfortunately, the footage I captured was not as high a quality as I would have liked and as a result the production standards of my project were jeopardized.

Reasons for this included the weather, which is very unpredictable in Northern Ireland. As well as this, I also have a part time job, which means I am working quite a number of evenings, and miss the sunset quite regularly. I hope that using post production techniques I would be able to improve the quality of some of these clips, however if not, I have decided I will reshoot.

Despite this however, I did gather some unique shots which I was pleased with and would include in my piece.

As well as this, I had to seriously re-evaluate some of my shot choices and locations. I had originally intended to shoot a number of shots of a cottage at the Ulster American Folk Park, however due to time and budget issues, I felt that this would not be possible and instead considered more, new shots which I could include.

As well as this, I began to install the necessary fonts onto my laptop. I looked at recommended autumn fonts on Pinterest and then installed free fonts from websites such as Dafont and Font Squirrel. I then experimented with these fonts on Microsoft word to see what the lines of the poem would look like in these various fonts.


I felt that these fonts were very suited to my project and I was pleased with the result.


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