Week 6- Preview and Final Edit

At this point, my film was practically finished. All clips were in place and a majority of the editing was complete. During this week I showed a preview of my film to the class. Seeing my film on a bigger screen was very helpful, as I was able to see problems which had been overlooked on my laptop. I realised that some fonts would need changes and some colours were hard to depict.

I was able to make these final corrections and then hand my film in for the deadline.

I realise however that my moving image is not perfect. Although I have found my typography skills have improved throughout this process, I feel that it is still weak in certain areas with some text being hard to distinguish.

As well as this I find that the flow of my film is not always constant and there is a problem with certain clips fading incorrectly. This problem is due to the render of the software as I have checked the use of transitions etc. and to my knowledge, there is no reason for the ‘flashing’ that occurs throughout. Should I have had more time I would like to have tried to fix this problem.

Despite these issues I do feel however that I have some good shots. I credit this to my project management. I was able to carry out thorough planning which I feel played to my advantage as I was well prepared throughout the entire process. As well as this, I am happy with the amount of time I dedicated to each task and was happy that I managed to meet the final deadline set.

My final video can be found here https://vimeo.com/144280989


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