Week 8- Making of … and Brief 2

During this week I continued to work on my ‘Making of Documentary.’ When I originally started this piece I thought it would be much quicker to do than the poem assignment, however I have been proved wrong in a major way. Although I had already completed my moving image I had to backtrack and retrace all my movements, making me regret my decision not to film the process as I had been going along as this would have prevented me wasting time.


I wanted to ensure I had enough material to include in this documentary so I created a quick plan scheduling what I wanted to include. I found this particularly helpful, as it ensured I documented the entire process and something vital was not missed. As well as this, i created a quick shot list of the different shots I wanted to include.

One area of the documentary which I am happy with is the typography research section. I feel that this has a good flow and I credit this to the range of shots used. By cutting to different shots, I feel the documentary is more engaging and is more likely to maintain the attention of the audience.

My Making Of documentary for ‘An Autumnal Sonnet’ can be found at the following link. https://vimeo.com/151154940

In class this week we were given a copy of brief 2. I had the choice of three different topics which were an advertisement for an app, a short interview or a 90 second film. My initial thought it to create the 90 second film, however I will spend some time doing research and considering ideas.

As project management is very important in order to meet deadlines, I decided to create a gantt chart which would help me manage my time as effectively as possible. This can be found below.

2016-01-08 (9)


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