Week 10- Storyboarding & Major Problem

At the beginning of this week I created storyboards to visually show my idea. Drawing is not one of my strongest qualities therefore they are not the best possible quality, however I feel they still convey the overall message of the film well.

For this week we were asked to preview our idea with the rest of the class. For this I prepared a pitch presentation, however in the end I did not have to show this to the class. My pitch can be found below.

Dear Daughter: Pitch Presentation

During this week I encountered what could be considered the biggest drawback I could have received, I was not allowed to feature children in my film. As children play a massive part in my story I had a choice to make… Do I adapt my film to suit this problem or do I create a whole new idea?

After a long and painful deliberation I decided that I would adapt my current script to suit this problem. I feel I had done too much production work for this to be wasted, admittedly I felt that this would have a significant effect on the result of my movie however I felt that I could make this work.

I would show some element of Izzy as a baby, as I would use a fake baby, and the camera would not see it up close. I hope that this alternative works just as well as this vision as I had for the original film.


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