Week 12- Filming

During Week 12 I carried out the filming for my film.

Due to tight scheduling, I decided to complete filming all in one day. This made the process much easier, as everyone was able to agree on one full set day and additionally it minimized the chance of continuity errors, which I have found quite hard to master in the past.

The process of filming was quite straightforward. I would like to think this is due to the amount of pre-production and planning I had completed prior to filming. Using the documents I had produced such as Storyboards and Shot Lists, I was able to capture all the necessary shots needed for my film.

One scene which I was not so happy with was the scene of Izzy making a presentation. I was very restricted in terms of locations and I felt the final location chosen was unsuitable due to the amount of clutter. In order to overcome this problem I made the shot as tight as possible, however I still feel this is one of the weakest scenes in the film.

A problem I encountered during filming was actors being unable to remember their lines. One way I tried to overcome this was by sticking the script to the camera tripod, however this then created even more problems as it then became obvious the actress was reading of a page. One way I would try and improve this is in post-production by covering obvious shots with a different clip.

Dúring this week I also sourced music for my film. I used the website Purple Planet which allowed me to use their music, so long as they were credited, something which I was more than happy to oblidge to. The choice of music was very important as I wanted something quite emotional and effective, however I did not want an overpowering song. I finally decided on a piece called ‘Shadow Land’ which I feel suits my film perfectly.





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