Week 13- Editing

Following classes finishing in week 12, I continued to work on my film over the Christmas break. During the first week I began to edit my film.

The process of editing was rather straightforward, however I did incur a number of problems. One such problem was colour correction. Due to the lighting and location chosen, many of the shots I had were yellow in terms of tone and were very saturated, which made them difficult to colour correct. I wanted the clips to appear as natural as possible, therefore it was important to remove a majority of this ‘yellowness’ while still leaving some element of colour.

As well as this, it was important that my colour correction was consistent, not only in scenes but across the entire film for example not including a a saturated shot then a very cold coloured scene. This is important as it is industry standard and makes the film appear more professional, a goal I wanted to achieve with my project.

Another problem I encountered was technical issues with Adobe Premier. One tool in particular which caused me problems was the ‘Warp Stabilizer’ effect which is used to correct camera shakiness. In the past I have had no issues with this tool, however when using it during this editing process it did not stabilize correctly. Instead the end result was blurred and a sense of dis-morphia was applied to the clips, thus making it unusable.


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