Week 15- Conclusion

Overall I am very happy with the progress I have made during this module. Not only have I been able to learn new skills and qualities, but also improve upon those I already had.

During this process I was able to improve my planning capabilities. I feel that I demonstrated this particularly in my second piece, ‘Dear Daughter’ whereby I produced a number of pre-production documents such as storyboards, treatments, shot lists etc all which helped me to complete filming to the highest possible standard.

As well as this, I was able to improve upon my time management. During the process I realised not everything goes to plan and therefore time planning and contingency planning is vital in particular in this industry. When planning the use of my time, I was generous in allocating time in the case of unpredicted disruptions such as scheduling changes arising. I am very glad I did this, because on a number of occasions filming did not go ahead as planned.

I was able to develop presentational skills. Naturally I am a shy person who does not like public speaking, however from pitching my ideas to my fellow classmates, I became more confident speaking in front of groups. This is a skill which is important in the CT industry as it is quite likely ideas will have to be pitched to professionals.

While filming both pieces I worked both as part of a team and individually. I feel that in leading others, particularly in Dear Daughter I was able to demonstrate great leadership, which I hope can be reflected in the final piece. I learnt that in order to get the best result, communication is crucial as it is important to make the actors as informed as possible and as well as this, making them feel comfortable enough to appear on camera.

As well as this, I got used to the camera settings much more during the progression of the module. I became more confident in how it worked and instead of using the ‘automatic’ setting, I became confident to use manual settings, including a manual focus.

Having to edit four separate videos gave me plenty of time to improve upon my editing skills. I had already familiarized myself with Adobe Premier Pro when using it during my placement last year, however like many software pieces its features are endless and every day I learned something new about how it works. Now I feel that I have a great grasp upon how this software works, something which will be of great benefit next semester when it comes to creating my Final Project.

Overall I am very pleased with my submission for this module. Although there are a number of improvements which could be made that I’ve previously stated, I feel that my work has gotten progressively better and both projects suit their intended audiences.



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